Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Liberation of the Castle and Saving of Trunow

- With the castle falling Garrik with the assistance of Renfall attempts to bring the engines back on line but is failing
- Candi is still stuck in the sphere and attempting to get out
- Renfall finds Candi and brings her to the engine room
-Fury makes his way to the engine room while fighting the influence of the orb
-Fury puts on the crown in an attempt to control the castle
-Candi arrives and succeeds in powering up the castle's engines
- Fury talks the engineer into helping create a manual for flying and maintaining the castle. 
- Fury goes down to the town and catches up
- Candi, Thune and Garrik with the help of the Orcs clean up the castle when something comes to investigate
- An intelligent spell casting creature resembling a dwarf and casting spells comes out and says he's checking things out for his order. 
- Garrik asks it to leave and it does after we check for evil and magic. 
- The creature comes back demanding to see Volstus. 
- Garrik bluffs that he left. 
- Creature wants to see the body but as Thun goes to retrieve the body it follows him. He reutrns and Garrik dimdoors to get the head. 
- The creature asks about the orb and Tanser dispels the illusion. 
- Candi gives the scroll of glitter dust to Thun to cast if he detects the creature again. 
- The creature creates more illusions and Thune glitterdusts the area and uncovers a huge spider creature
- Fury kills the spider in a charge crit
- A second spider is found and destroyed
- We find several holes in the force field
- The castle once above the clouds can move at 500 mph
- There is an old giant named Jorifah that lives in the Shackles that can help us with operating the castle. 
- Fury has a dream of eyes observing him while he is in dragon form. 
If we give the orb to the dragon would it destroy it, yes if we command her to but do not trust her

Three questions asked via oracle, Communue 
Should we destory the orb, No, it needs to remain
Can we shrink the crown, yes use the forge
Will trunow be safe for the week if we leave, yes
11 more questions.

Volstus has Fallen, unfortunately the castle is too.

- Fury faces Volstus in single combat
- Candi and Garrik face the room of dragons and the witch. 
- Garrik kill the witch and Candi moves about blasting with cones of cold
- After the witch is dead Garrik announces for them to support Renfall or die. You can have your lives but your leaders are fallen or dying. 
- Several of the enemies run away. 
- Candi puts up a prismatic sphere and bluffs an ogre into passing through. 
- Fury deals Volstus a fatal blow and he drops the orb.
- The castle's engines begin to fail and the castle starts to fall out of the sky
- The plant dragon encases Candi's sphere and imprisons her. 
- Garrik dimdoors into the center and readies to shadow walk away with Candi when Renfall appears and summons us all to the engine room 
- Fury grabs the dragon orb and feels its effects but resists the need to control dragonkind.
- Candi is stuck in the sphere and Thune is trying to help her out. 

How about a hammer to the head?

- As we prepare to leave we hear an alarm
- A morgh and a engineering golem
- Fury destroys the morgh
- We continue our exploration
- We find the wall of force stopping us from going upwards
- When Fury hit it the water elemental and golem come out
- Fury and Garrik kill the golem
- Fury Garrik destroy the elemental 
- Garrik dimdoored beyond the wall while the others hid in the jefferies tube
- Demon girl tried to sneak up on Garrik but he sensed her and he killed her
- The room is surrounded by baskets and the Naga popped up shooting Garrik with prismatic spray. 
- Garrik puts on invisibility and readies spear for the naga. 
- Garrik begins destroying the baskets and the Naga summons a vulture but Garrik ignores it
- Garrik finds and kills the naga and skins it while feeding the vulture the naga. 
- Garrik continues clean up all the items in the room. 
- Garrik returns to the main group. 
- Fury and Thune remain at the castle while Cani and Garrik go back to town and stock up and resurrect Tenser
- Fury and Thune were hiding in the shaft but we could not find the entrance. 
- Thune heard Candi and they came out revealing the illusion that hid the entrance. 
- The castle has stopped over Trunow. 
- Candi uses the scope and the gloves of shortened path to attack Volstus from afar
- Candi and Fury attacked Volstus
- Volstus absorbed the life of a dragon to heal himself
- Candi is feeling the altitude sickness
- Volstus and the dragon return to the castle
- Team reenteres castle 

Tis' Only a Flesh Wound


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- As Candi goes to unlock the double doors they fling open and a female cloud giant enters shouting for someone

- The female cloud giant is the sorceress

- A demoness showed up and attacked the Oracle

- Darrik and Candi attack the demon

- Giants throw rocks at Candi

- Demon flees

- Oracle is killed by giant

- Thun leads the orcs to attack a cloud giant

- Garrik appears and kills it

- As Garrik leaves something punches him

- Candi attacks 4 cloud giants

- Fury searches the rooms and grabs some treasure

- Garrik enters melee with the cloud giants

- Thun leads Fury back to the main fight

- Candi continues to press attacks

- Team finishes off the three giants one has jumped off the castle into the clouds

- Team is reunited and we discuss strategy and gather magic items.

-We identify the items he found and find a scroll of Word of Recall the plan is to find the engineer and see if the shield that surrounds this place extends to the basement. If it does not we will go to town and true res Tanser then come back here.

- Cat locates the chain demoness and the naga along with the body of Tanser

- The naga disintegrates Tanser's body. We prepare to assault the room

- Level 16

Where the F are we now?

Continuing in the castle and Fury is attacked by phase spiders
Candi continues to study and disable the bomb
Candi disabled the bomb
The encountered the black giantess and destroyed it (Shadow giant)
Encountered some phase spiders
Find a room with a chain platform that lowers to the ground but not functional
The chain attacks the oracle and entangles him
Blue giant shows up and attacks
We free Tanser and leave the room after gathering the gear from the giant. 
Encounter mountain troll
Cat continues to explore and finds four sets of stairs one goes outside, two in the kitchen and two inside
One of the stairs is guarded
We wander around and cat finds a 8 headed giant- avoided
Found the Roc nest (possibly) it is a part of the tower and designed with the roof open to the sky
We find the red dragon
Come across a Spirit Naga and continue downward
We found a way to get to Volstus
We decide Fury will fly, Garrik will have everyone in the bag and dimdoor to the next room
The room where Volstus waits is surrounded by a force wall forcing Fury to charge the wall
My dimdoor gets shunted to a random room
Fury does no damage to the wall
Garrik dimdoors up out of this room into one of the pool rooms and runs away from a water elemental up the stairs encounter another wall and a swarm, 
Run down the stairs and back into the main portion of the house
Fury get back to the bedroom and observed Volstus jump out the hole and jumps onto the dragon.

Engineering, we have a problem.

Shadow walked back to the caldera of the volcano under the cloud city. 
We're attacked by ranged weapons flying to the castle
We make onto a platform and kill several giants and bears then enter the castle
Cat is scouting ahead. We are searching for the explosive tied to the deadman switch held by Volstus. 
We find the engine room and a force cage room with nothing in it
Garrik uses dimdoor and puts Candi and Oracle is going into the bag of holding. 
Found a large broach
Inside is a crate, torture rack, torture instruments and the sound of harp music but no creatures
Inside is an invisible ghost of a cloud giant. We destroy the force cage and release the ghost. 
He is Renfal High Cleric Ghozrh
Volstus's crown is the key to the guardian constructs keeping watch in the engine room.
Renfal is the engineer that helped build this place, he says he can find the device easily since it will not be normal. 
Candi is going to investigate the platform and search for the magic that allowed the giants to hit us through the clouds. 
She finds the Scope of Storm Sight
Learned the broach is called a Cloud Engineers badge protects them from cold and altitude
+2 know engineering, life bubble CL10 , reduce person CL10
In the engineering tunnels and encounter spiders and a dark skinned giantess. 

The Fall of the King

-Speaking with the Queen after the battle
-Questioning her about the giants and the castle in the clouds
-We took their magic and disarmed them. The demon girl took off apparently to warn the castle. 
-We continue to explore the volcano and make our way to the throne room where a way to the castle exists. 
-We find a the king's chamber empty and clean it out. 
-Thun disguised as the Queen introduces Fury and and issues a challenge to the king one on one
-The king accepts and the duel begins
-Skirkatla (the grave knight) attacked, Garrik and Candi finished them off and fury knocked the demon girl out. 
-In the throne room we found a damaged artifact war hammer
-We did a divination that the hammer needs to bathed in the blood of a fire giant king to repair it. 
-Left after resting a night then shadow walked to the dwarven town

For the Queen wears jeweled crown upon a troubled brow.

Going past the giants on top to go down the tunnel further. 
There's a giant guarding the gate with an ornate mace
There is also a cleric that Fury kills
The other giants on the tiers attacks
Come across some salamamders and forge giants. 
Thun convinces the salamanders to run off while we kill the slag giants
Cat continues to explore and finds a room one very large one
Cat continues and finds the throne room filled with creatures.
We destroy the large creature
Went into the next room with several large skeletons
Next room several fire giant clerics and one flying one. Killed two and the Queen was amongst the ones to survive and surrender. She swore non agression towards us and ours and removed the bindings from Thun. 
Level 14

Fly Pegasus Air
How to avoid Giants

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Cat is reconing ahead and finds a room with several orc slaves
Another room contains fire giants loading orc bodies into crates. With them are hellhounds
Defeated the giants and hellhounds
Continue to explore
Overheard some giants searching for us. Continuing to explore the complex
Found a room with a giant hog and 5 ogres
Back in the main chamber the troupe catch up with us as Garrik dimdoors behind the portcullis and kills the giant guard.
Garrik opens the gate while Fury and Candi fight the troupe, kill their leader and force them to retreat. 
Garrik closes the gate once the team is through. 
Frost Giants appear alerted by the giant guarding the portcullis. 
Tanser heals Candi and Candi moves to explore deeper into the castle. 
Garrik and Fury hold off the frost giants trying to descend the stairs. 
Garrik spots the support beams that can collapse the cavern sealing off the back of the stairs and the original portcullis. Tanser turns Garrik invisible so he can dim door to collapse the cavern. 
Continue upwards and find a kennel where the hell hounds were kept. Also a large grated pit several hundred feet deep. 
Found an intelligent Orc and freed him. We ask him for information on the fort. He will accompany us. 
He shows us some papers he stole from the giants. 
We come to a defensive position and choose to avoid them by flying over invisible and silent. Thoon, the orc is in the bag. 
We fly by many encounters and eventually pass a huge rhino construct furnace and come to a chamber with huge steel door and a guard outside. 
Level 13

Hot Blooded Check it and See

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  • The wolf shows up and we ask to free the slaves.

  • A frost giantess is elected leader and grants us the slaves as booty.

  • We know that the Skicarkla was a Grave Knight

  • but we UrgathoaThey want to destroy the temple of offer examine it first.

  • Found a few bits of treasure and letters written in Infernal

  • We think the orb is at Ash Peak ( an extinct volcano in the south)

  • We head back to towards town and part ways with the humans.

  • Fury went to the forge of Minderhall to add undead bane to Candi's dagger and destroy the Grave Knight armor



  • Garrik and Candi stay with the people we will be bringing the humans to Corvosa

  • We stay in the Dwarf city for a couple of months increasing our strength and purchasing items.

  • Survivor, Fury's horse transforms into a pegasus.



  • Garrik can now speak with animals

  • Candi's cat can now go into spirit form

  • Four months have passed. Into Book 5

  • We take the horse and fly to Ash Peak

  • We come to a gate at the base of the volcano, inside are three Fire giants.



  • Garrik dimdoors farther back

  • We kill 3 fire giants

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