Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Fly Pegasus Air

How to avoid Giants

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Cat is reconing ahead and finds a room with several orc slaves
Another room contains fire giants loading orc bodies into crates. With them are hellhounds
Defeated the giants and hellhounds
Continue to explore
Overheard some giants searching for us. Continuing to explore the complex
Found a room with a giant hog and 5 ogres
Back in the main chamber the troupe catch up with us as Garrik dimdoors behind the portcullis and kills the giant guard.
Garrik opens the gate while Fury and Candi fight the troupe, kill their leader and force them to retreat. 
Garrik closes the gate once the team is through. 
Frost Giants appear alerted by the giant guarding the portcullis. 
Tanser heals Candi and Candi moves to explore deeper into the castle. 
Garrik and Fury hold off the frost giants trying to descend the stairs. 
Garrik spots the support beams that can collapse the cavern sealing off the back of the stairs and the original portcullis. Tanser turns Garrik invisible so he can dim door to collapse the cavern. 
Continue upwards and find a kennel where the hell hounds were kept. Also a large grated pit several hundred feet deep. 
Found an intelligent Orc and freed him. We ask him for information on the fort. He will accompany us. 
He shows us some papers he stole from the giants. 
We come to a defensive position and choose to avoid them by flying over invisible and silent. Thoon, the orc is in the bag. 
We fly by many encounters and eventually pass a huge rhino construct furnace and come to a chamber with huge steel door and a guard outside. 
Level 13



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