Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

For the Queen wears jeweled crown upon a troubled brow.

Going past the giants on top to go down the tunnel further. 
There's a giant guarding the gate with an ornate mace
There is also a cleric that Fury kills
The other giants on the tiers attacks
Come across some salamamders and forge giants. 
Thun convinces the salamanders to run off while we kill the slag giants
Cat continues to explore and finds a room one very large one
Cat continues and finds the throne room filled with creatures.
We destroy the large creature
Went into the next room with several large skeletons
Next room several fire giant clerics and one flying one. Killed two and the Queen was amongst the ones to survive and surrender. She swore non agression towards us and ours and removed the bindings from Thun. 
Level 14



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