Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

So then the Mammoth Said...

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  • We continue to explore the tomb, going to the doors we passed

  • Candi narrowly eludes a trapped door

  • There are monsters beyond the door and a hallway afterwards we decide to enter

  • Inside is a huge construct of dead parts. Fury charges creature

  • Back in the hallway the centaur creature throws its head and dismounts Fury

  • We go to the black door where the creature's soul is trapped.

  • Creature appears and dragon fires it. Fury finishes it after charge.

  • The ghost of a frost giant comes and Garrik helped him remember his name Chief Skysunder

  • We move into the catacombs

  • We see a morgh and ignore it but it follows until Fury runs it over twice

  • Came across several large undead and a big bad yelling Get them my minions

  • Defeated them and went back towards the last set of double doors near the front entrance

  • Mammoth riding Giant appeared Fury destroyed them

  • Level 11



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