Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

The Fall of the King

-Speaking with the Queen after the battle
-Questioning her about the giants and the castle in the clouds
-We took their magic and disarmed them. The demon girl took off apparently to warn the castle. 
-We continue to explore the volcano and make our way to the throne room where a way to the castle exists. 
-We find a the king's chamber empty and clean it out. 
-Thun disguised as the Queen introduces Fury and and issues a challenge to the king one on one
-The king accepts and the duel begins
-Skirkatla (the grave knight) attacked, Garrik and Candi finished them off and fury knocked the demon girl out. 
-In the throne room we found a damaged artifact war hammer
-We did a divination that the hammer needs to bathed in the blood of a fire giant king to repair it. 
-Left after resting a night then shadow walked to the dwarven town



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