Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Volstus has Fallen, unfortunately the castle is too.

- Fury faces Volstus in single combat
- Candi and Garrik face the room of dragons and the witch. 
- Garrik kill the witch and Candi moves about blasting with cones of cold
- After the witch is dead Garrik announces for them to support Renfall or die. You can have your lives but your leaders are fallen or dying. 
- Several of the enemies run away. 
- Candi puts up a prismatic sphere and bluffs an ogre into passing through. 
- Fury deals Volstus a fatal blow and he drops the orb.
- The castle's engines begin to fail and the castle starts to fall out of the sky
- The plant dragon encases Candi's sphere and imprisons her. 
- Garrik dimdoors into the center and readies to shadow walk away with Candi when Renfall appears and summons us all to the engine room 
- Fury grabs the dragon orb and feels its effects but resists the need to control dragonkind.
- Candi is stuck in the sphere and Thune is trying to help her out. 



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