Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

You talkin' to me Lich?

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  • After we woke up we broke camp explored the rest of the complex

  • A loud noise sound like the way we came in was collapsed

  • Found a chest in the throne room but it was empty but has residual magi inside

  • Possibly where the phylactery was

  • A huge winterwolf teleported in and asks to speak with the enemy of Skircarkla

  • We finish talking with the wolf

  • The area is sealed except for the ice wall near where we rested.

  • We break through and come upon a frost Drake We speak the phrase Thamires Blessing upon Renfirg

  • Left the caves and went to the long house where the wolf said Skicarkla was

  • Defeat Skicarkla and her minions.

  • Level 12



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