Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Where the F are we now?

Continuing in the castle and Fury is attacked by phase spiders
Candi continues to study and disable the bomb
Candi disabled the bomb
The encountered the black giantess and destroyed it (Shadow giant)
Encountered some phase spiders
Find a room with a chain platform that lowers to the ground but not functional
The chain attacks the oracle and entangles him
Blue giant shows up and attacks
We free Tanser and leave the room after gathering the gear from the giant. 
Encounter mountain troll
Cat continues to explore and finds four sets of stairs one goes outside, two in the kitchen and two inside
One of the stairs is guarded
We wander around and cat finds a 8 headed giant- avoided
Found the Roc nest (possibly) it is a part of the tower and designed with the roof open to the sky
We find the red dragon
Come across a Spirit Naga and continue downward
We found a way to get to Volstus
We decide Fury will fly, Garrik will have everyone in the bag and dimdoor to the next room
The room where Volstus waits is surrounded by a force wall forcing Fury to charge the wall
My dimdoor gets shunted to a random room
Fury does no damage to the wall
Garrik dimdoors up out of this room into one of the pool rooms and runs away from a water elemental up the stairs encounter another wall and a swarm, 
Run down the stairs and back into the main portion of the house
Fury get back to the bedroom and observed Volstus jump out the hole and jumps onto the dragon.



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