Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Certain Death

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December 17, 2016

  • In Menderhall's Valley

  • Hear a dragon's roar. Sounds much larger than the one we fought.

  • We spot a campfires and Candi snuck forward to see. Spotted a female giant Possible Grillthlecrack

  • As she got closer the giants became aware of her and attacked.

  • After we clean up and continue onward two Xorns attack

  • Came across a cathedral sized for giants.

  • Attacked by plant monsters. Magic behind the wall where the plant monsters were

  • Found a magic sack but Candi could not identify it

  • Found 5 normal geodes 1000 lbs each, then 3 smaller 750 lb geodes (magic)

  • The large magic geode was a trap.

  • Found a fort with many giants inside

  • Attacked at night by tigers, this attracted the giants and we fled. Garrick leading the others on horseback through the darkness.

  • Garrik spots tracks of dozens of giants but few tracks up a small valley as if they are afraid. We move up this valley.

  • See a bridge and there are statues that are moving on the bridge.

  • Garrik speaks with the giants who do not want to attack the hill giants.

  • We double back and Candi sneaks up to the gate however the remaining tiger pounces and pins her.

  • Garrik and Fury move closer while making noise and hoping to attract the attention of the giants or cat.

  • Phil's familiar attacks the cat and distracts it long enough for her to cast invisibility and dash between the bars of the giant gate.

  • She then distracts the guards with ventriloquism as we ride up to the gate

  • She fails to get the to open the gate

  • Tries to get the giants to attack each other

  • We climb over the gate. Candi successfully gets the giant and ettin to fight.

  • In the distance are a dozen.

  • Garrick loses will save and attacks.

  • Jan 7 th next game.  
From Tomb to Valley

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December, 10 2016

  • Ingrahil thinks this dwarf is the original betrayer of Iron Hand and must be 700+ years old.

  • After defeating him we take the glove and spear from him as well as some armor and gear.

  • The dwarven gauntlet seems to have undue influence upon us and driving us to want it.

  • The gauntlet has various abilities and compels the wearer to attack giants.

  • Went down south along the mountain

  • Ran across a settlement and came across a troll and found a female human baby

  • Shinnerman's Fortune is a village farther down the trail. We see the remnants of a giant raid and the village may be in trouble.

  • A giant one eyed creature attacks us( large cyclopse with eye beam)

  • Garrik sees a camp fire in the distance and Candi goes to investigate

  • Candi overhears the ogres talk about Gristlecrack (their leader wanting the humans)

  • The prisoners tell us about the rest of the group of giants that continued forward.

  • At night three Leucrotta attack

  • Continuing the next day come across a cavebear and an etin

  • Dragon attacks and we run it off.

  • Level 8
Seeking Nargrim's Tomb

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December, 2 2016


  • Garrick will need Nargrim's tools to defeat the giants.

  • Nagrim had a magical hand that was a replacement made by a powerful wizard.

  • One of his dwarf companions betrayed and killed him though he painted himself as a hero.

  • Etin and a pack of dogs attacked local caravan

  • ½ day ride

  • Find the remains of the caravan

  • Find an abandoned ranger tower in the forest after following the trail

  • From the top of the tower, which is actually an old siege tower, Fury sees ruins a short distance away.

  • Onward to Stag's Pike following the Geode

  • Come across two giants and bears fighting

  • After killing one giant and the bears run off. We question the second giant. There is an army of giants gathering it the hidden valley.

  • The direction he points to matches the map we found earlier.

  • Making our way towards the tomb and Candi misses detecting the trap and sets it off.

  • Killed a number of ettercaps and spellcaster

  • Descended spiral stairs into the tomb

  • Find two webbed bodies that we pull back up and burn.

  • REst here till mine sons touch upon thy blessings

  • Mine sons, three symbols on the obelisk

  • Must intone the names when touching the three symbols,

  • Inside we find glass door inset into the floor that has a room underneath, the tomb is open and a corpse is next to the coffin. There is a large cage that appears like something broke out

  • Two room flank the main room

  • In one side we enter and find a room of 4 dwarf statues and images on the walls

  • Find a secret door that contains a stairwell down

  • Find a destroyed helmet and armor. The hand and spear are missing.

  • A dwarf we did not see stole the items and locked us in the tomb

Tears in Redlake Fort

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Friday, 11/4/16

  • Facing two manticores(unknown to us) in a room with bars. One seems trustworthy

  • We free them and one of the manticores attack, we destroy both

  • Looking for the stone and giant to off

  • We find the giantess and talk with her

  • Volstus is the giant who said he'd marry her but has changed his mind.

  • Tried talking her out of attacking but she chose death

  • We defeated Greselda but left her alive after she parlayed to stop. She ordered her team to stand down.

  • Another group of orc attack led by Droja a female orc priest

  • The orcs and the giants fight outside the fort.

  • And greets us as the heroes of Trunow and that she needs our help to defend Redlake (the area we are in)

  • Garrik speaks with Grenzeldek and she agrees that she will stop hostilities with the humanoids if Garrik attempts to get the general to spare her life.

  • We continue to explore the fort

  • And find the remainder of the skeleton

  • Karrguk the general of the orcs. Garrik speaks to him and asks that he spares Grenzeldek's life. He agreed.

  • We learn that they have a male dwarf who might be Oomlo

  • We make a deal to remove the curse of the castle in exchange for the Dwarf and Grezeldek.

  • We find a temple of Iomeade and the ghost of the priest. After we destroy the bones he cleans the curse from the castle.

  • Norgrim Steel Hand, the Giant Killer of the ancient past. The geodes lead us to his tomb where a item of power exists to destroy giants.

  • The dwarf is insane and is Oomlo.

  • Lvel to 7
Escape and a Trip to the Big City

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Sunday, 10/23/16

  • More invisible cackling shit attacking.

  • We escape the 1st world realm

  • Rebury the will-o-wisp remains

  • Can't save the insane dwarf yet and we decide to leave her here for now until we can bring her back to civilization.

  • Back at the ship we ask the captain to bring us to the nearest substantial town that we can buy and sell items.

  • Capt. says he can take us to the town of Vigil

  • We shop and continue on the way

  • At the fort we use invisibility to gain entrance and then strength to pry open the sewer grate

  • Encountered 2 slime monsters.

  • Found out afterwards that bullshit lantern can outline invisible crap.

  • Level 6 now.

Welcome to the First World

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Saturday, 10/8/16

  • We do not see a will-o-wisp body/remains but the area is lumpy

  • The lumps are skeletons and remains

  • We communicate with a will-o-wisp and ask for a body of it's dead and we explain being sent by Silvermane

  • Mossmoon, the wil-o-wisp last member of the druid circle Council of Thorns that defended this area.

  • Moosmoon leads us to their buried dead and we collect a remnant and put it into the lantern.

  • With the lantern we find the standing stones and shine the light on them.

  • A giant attacked us

  • Afterwards the we each touch the golden stone and teleport to another dimension.

  • The glade we were in looks much nicer and fertile

  • Before us is a large wooden flower with double wooden doors. 40' away.

  • As we approach we are attacked by thorns

  • We enter the structure which is a larger space with a bridge and chasm.

  • Garrik announces our intentions and is attacked.

  • Garrik is dazzled

  • Fury breaks the doors open on the other end of the bridge and we all move into the room.

  • An old elven woman sits on a dias.

  • She's the Guardian of the Vault of Thorns

  • She wants us to help her rid the forest of evil creatures then she will help us.

  • We continue downwards into a lillypad bridge.

  • Attacked by a dragon fly Ultra Marine Chaser

  • Going down further after being attacked by shrub creatures.

  • Next room full of weird vegetation and on the other side of the room is a chest.

  • Garrik goes in to grab the chest.

  • Attacked by a tree monster

  • More attacks from unseen. We retreat and healed.

  • We shoot the chest and nothing happens.

  • We tie a rope to Candi and Fury tosses her to the chest.

  • The handle on the chest breaks but does not move

  • Large monster attacks and we kill it

  • Chest turns out to be the entrance to a lower level containing a warped ladder

Mercy and Betrayal

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Saturday, 10/1/16

  • After avoiding the poisoning Garrik finds more of the poison

  • Candi tracks down the poisoner Melira, the woman named in the letter we found and after a fight we capture and interrogate her

  • The killer of Roderick was named Screed

  • The person we're lookng for PencilDick

  • Garrick attempts to bring her around from a life of revenge and wants to allow her to travel with us to the fort to face the creature who started all this and was also responsible for sending them to the village to attack.

  • We get to the island and attacked by dozen or so orcs.

  • Fury charges on horse and Candi and Garrik follow on foot.

  • Garrik was unconscious twice.

  • Melira turned against us and attacked. Slain by Captain Bloodtusk

  • Returned to the boat

  • Next day returned to the Ghost Light marsh, encountered a Hydra

  • Met Ingrahild a dwarf with magic insanity.

  • Led her away a bit and sat her down with some food.

  • We continue on the path till we find the will-o-wisp

  • Something evil and magic and invisible is stalking us.
Riverboat Ride

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Saturday, 9/24/16

  • Silvermane is telling us to

  • Taking a boat to Ghost Light Marsh to find the Vault of Thorns

  • A hidden cache of weapons surrounded by unnatural creatures that feed of fear

  • We need to find a will-o-wisp to kill and put into the lantern then we can use the lantern to find the rest and the cache

  • Capt Bloodtusk (m) is the captain of the ship. Halfax (f) first mate. We're going to work for our passage.

  • Attcked by a River Drake

  • They snatch a horse and we follow using diplomacy with the capt to follow them

  • We follow them into a cave and kill them then collect some treasure

  • On board ship again next day the Gorrilion excaped and the captain learns a sabeture has unlocked the cage and door.

  • Stopped at the waystation but found the dock destroyed

  • Garrik found a house containing orcs and dire wolves in the stables.

  • Killed the three orcs and found their captive alive. Human female in armor.

  • Killed the dire wolves. The woman is Calrianne Knight of Lastwall. This is her post.

  • Moving down the river we encounter a log jam and three giants. We kill two of the giants and the third flees.

  • In a suspicious meal, Garrik casts purify food and water and avoided a poisoning to us.

  • Next game October 1st 2:30

Tomb of the Unknown
Burial Cave Complex Below Trunau

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Saturday, 9/17/16

  • At the second level city gate after killing the bard.

  • Orcs burst through the gate

  • We release a flaming boulder and logs down the hill at them.

  • Killed lots of orcs and a lizard using the terrain to funnel and slow them.

  • Made it to outer gate, and then headed to Barterstones to deal with catapult.

  • Slew orcs and disabled catapult.

  • We went back to the city and now to the hope spring

  • We see a giant with four orcs kill three of the orcs and the giant

  • The fourth orc runs away into new cave in cliff

  • Inside discovered ancient cave complex and fought half-orc alchemist and dogs

  • Find burial treasure trove of giant

  • 4th level now

  • Game Next sat 2:30


Trunau Under Siege
session 3

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Sunday, 9/11/16

  • On Daktani, potion, leather armor, 4 daggers, morning star, short sword, ornate belt, thieves tools, gem, 30 gp, small pouch with empty vial, 2 clay pellets.

  • Garrik now with magical attacks go to fight the ethereal rats.

  • Go back to town and bring the troll.

  • Townsfolk preparing for Roderick's funeral

  • Candi notices the humans are looking at the half-orcs oddly.

  • Garrik notices a group of humans looking like they're about to start something with the orcs

  • Fury and Garrik move closer to the group while the funeral pyre is lit for Roderick

  • Battle horns sound and the town is attacked

  • Curst shows up he orders us to light the beacons

  • Fury to light two beacons, while Candi and Garrik go to light the remaining one.

  • Fury gets attacked by the goons from earlier when he tries to light the fire.

  • The beacon is destroyed when Candi and Garrik get there. We are retasked to find wounded in the unprotected part of the town outside the gate.

  • A MASH unit is setup by the gate.

  • 4 Orcs attack Candi and Garrik

  • We find Fury's mother trapped in the building under a beam

  • Now together again running around town saving people and fighting orcs

  • We find Urnsel and Garrik knocks her out and captures a second orc

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