Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Fury wants to be a knight

When he was a young child, Fury Staginsdar couldn't wait for bedtime.  His mother Agrit Staginsdar told him wonderful and exciting stories about her family's martial legacy with generations of heroic members of the Knights of the Anvil.

Once Fury Staginsdar was old enough, Agrit Staginsdar taught him horseback riding, and almost every week they would go out riding.  Fury Staginsdar used a broken lance from Clamor and pretended to be a knight.

After he started earning some money of his own from working at Clamor, Fury Staginsdar paid for his mom Sara Morninghawk to make him a large lance.

As for Fury Staginsdar's other martial skills, Jagrin Grath taught him how to use the greatsword and the lance.  After noticing the remarkable accuracy Fury Staginsdar had throwing rocks at distant targets, Jagrin Grath taught him how to use a sling.  Fury Staginsdar preferred throwing rocks, so Jagrin Grath showed him how to put more force behind them without losing much accuracy.

Still, Fury Staginsdar's first passion was to become a knight, and as soon as he saves up enough money, he intends to buy himself a combat-trained horse.

the PCs gather

After completing her training with Tarnis, Candi Horlick took jobs guarding caravans traveling in the dangerous foothills of the Hold of Belkzen.  

Garrik Ironfist left Temple Stonefist to prove himself against all foes in general and giants specifically.  Based on the advice of the abbot, he traveled to the isolated town of Trunau in the foothills of the mountains.  Trunau was renown for fighting to survive against frequent orc onslaughts and the occasional giant raids.  Garrik Ironfist was confident he would begin to make his mark there.

The last leg of his journey to Trunau was with a caravan of trading goods.  One of the temporary guards for this caravan was the halfling Candi HorlickGarrik Ironfist was not as aloof as Candi Horlick anticipated a monk would be, and after traveling together for several days, they soon spent much time conversing about life and their mutual antipathy towards giants.  By the time the caravan reach Trunau, they had become friends, and Candi Horlick decided to stay in Trunau, too.

They found accommodations in the Ramblehouse, the inn run by the halfling Cham Larringfass.  During their second day in Trunau, they saw a half-giant in the town who seemed to be accepted by the townspeople.  After some subtle and not-so-subtle inquiries, they learned that the half-giant was raised from infancy in Trunau and named Fury Staginsdar because of his rare, but excessive temper.  They also learned that Fury Staginsdar had a rational hatred of giants, but it was beyond that of even other people here.

Candi Horlick and Garrik Ironfist approached young Fury Staginsdar one day in the Killin' Ground, the primary tavern in Trunau, and the three found they liked each other.  Fury Staginsdar was happy to introduce them to Jagrin Grath, the Patrol Leader (head of the Trunau militia), and help arrange for them to meet Halgra, the Chief Defender of Trunau, in hopes of making themselves available as mercenaries to fight against any orc or giant forces.

introducing Candi

Candi Horlick, a halfling rogue (unchained, vexing dodger) came from a riverside village in Varisia a the foot of a great mountain. She learned to swim before she could walk (River Rat Trait), and one day her village was set upon by giant raiders that came down the mountain into her village reducing it to a smoking ruin. She escaped the slaughter and fled down river to the port town of Riddleport where eked out an existence in the shadowy streets and alleyways of the city. Trusting her innate ways and skills as a thief.

There, one fateful day, she met a dwarven fighter by the name of Tarnis to took pity on the half starved waif he caught trying lift his purse. Instead of turning into the authorities or worse he listened to her story and it struck a chord in him because his own family was killed by giants. He took her under his wing and taught her how to fight giants (Dwarf-Trained Trait) and defend her self against the behemoths by using their size to her advantage. Now she sets out on her own seeking adventure and fame.

introducing Garrik

Garrik Ironfist of Temple Stonefist was adopted by the temple of monks after his family was killed (orphaned by giants) by giant bandits.

Temple Stonefist is dedicated to the god Irori (Wisdom of the Flesh (acrobatics)), Master of Masters and train exclusively to fight larger opponents such as giants.

Since the age of 25 he has trained and learned their ways. He has now reached an age where he is to go out and face the giants, leave a mark in the world before he is to return to the temple. The temple is far away from the town and he is passing through to learn of the area and find others to help him in his personal quest.

introducing Fury

A premature, but quite large, half-giant baby cut from his dying mother's womb, Fury Staginsdar was brought into the world alone and left at the Barterstones just outside the town of Trunau.  He was adopted by Agrit Staginsdar and Sara Morninghawk, and grew up being loved by both his mothers in spite of his screaming as an infant that earned him his name.  Fury Staginsdar thrived under their parenting.

Growing up in Trunau, he was taught the dangers of orcs and other threats to their lives and food supplies.  Since childhood, Fury Staginsdar desperately wanted to help defend the town and become a knight and ride a horse.

Fury Staginsdar enjoyed helping out in Morninghawk's Fine Steel, his mom's smithy, where he could relatively safely put his physical strength to good use.  As he grew comfortable around armor and weapons, Fury Staginsdar felt his assistance smithing wasn't enough of a contribution.  He wanted to join the militia as soon as possible.

Agrit Staginsdar, however, is an overprotective mother, and adamantly against him facing any possible risk of injury.  Sara Morninghawk realized that it was more important to keep him from seeking even riskier adventure on his own, and surreptitiously allowed Fury Staginsdar to occasionally train for the militia under Jagrin Grath in the Commons.

Agrit Staginsdar eventually learned of this and it was a subject of many discussions and arguments between his parents.  Sara Morninghawk tried to convince her that learning the skills of being able to defend himself was important and didn't mean that he would have to join the militia.  Eventually, Agrit Staginsdar reluctantly accepted the situation, and Fury Staginsdar openly participated and trained.

Fury Staginsdar still chafed at the limitations and his mother (Agrit Staginsdar)'s expectation that he would never be allowed to join the militia.  He would occasionally sneak into the Killin' Ground to get a drink.  Sara Morninghawk knew about it, but managed to keep the information from Agrit Staginsdar.  Rabus Clarenston, who runs the Killin' Ground, knew enough to limit his drinking, even though Fury Staginsdar would get mad whenever he got cut off.

Under Jagrin Grath's tutelage, Fury Staginsdar showed great martial aptitude, comfortably wielding blades meant for full-sized adults.  Sara Morninghawk even crafted him a greatsword for his large size and strength, with a hilt that fit his hands perfectly [game info: standard, not masterwork, as masterwork is well beyond starting resources].  He wears the sword proudly.

When he's not training or helping out at Clamor (the local name for Morninghawk's Fine Steel), Fury Staginsdar often goes to Sanctuary (the church of Iomedae) to run errands for Tyari Varvatos, or hangs around the Countinghouse to spend time with Lessie Crumkin's daughter Deirdre Crumkin.

Because of his unusual background, Fury Staginsdar developed a somewhat distorted perspective of the world.  In addition to acquiring a hatred of all giants, he has a general distrust of men, many of whom show subtle prejudice against his mothers and their relationship.

He hasn't been in love yet, but does have a crush on Deirdre Crumkin and hopes to kiss her this year at the upcoming Holdfast celebration.

Fury Staginsdar is a big and muscular young man, standing over 7 feet tall, with pale skin and nearly white hair.  His eyes are a striking blue.  He carries an immense greatsword that weighs nearly a stone.  Fury Staginsdar appears intimidating, but is actually friendly, especially towards women, around whom he is more comfortable.

He still wants to join the militia as soon as he's old enough to earn his hopeknife, though it seems unlikely Agrit Staginsdar will ever agree.

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