Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Along came a talking dwarf head....

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  • We go back to the city and shop and upgrade items

  • Day 1: We head to the mountains encounter several fairy type creatures

  • Continue to climb towards the frost giants

  • Day 2:Encountered undead giant

  • Day 3: Avalanche killed Oracles's horse and after digging out the horses we're attacked

  • By ice toads, Fury in fancy slippers prances about and slays them

  • Encounter illusion of obscuring mist

  • Encounter a voice on the wind that asks where we are going and says she is against the giants as well.

  • She reveals as a red dragon named Naximarra who is seeking allies against Volstus because has an Orb of Dragonkind

  • Naximarra tells us about the defences, patrols and other defenses they have.

  • With the assistance of the dragon we make a list of places to sabotage in order to demoralize the giants and get many to leave

  • Once weakened we can attack the camp's leader. (A possible undead)

  • We begin by going to the ancestral tombs using wind walk and rob it

  • The tomb contains the name of the giantess leader engraved on there and a date from several hundred years ago

  • As we open the doors to the tomb the large construct wicker man turns and moves.

  • We run  inside and close the doors

  • Attacked by eight legged centaur undead

  • Met a talking skull Acargrim (a dwarf giantslayer) he charges us to find his axe and avenge his death
The False Prophet of Minderhall Falls

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  • We blow the horn to summon the dragon

  • After a large battle Urthash is slain by Fury and the forge is lit.

  • Level 10
The Death of a Hero
But he got better

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  • Candi went down in the water and recovered the Shield we need.

  • We windwalk back to the horses and go back to town

  • Plan is to sell and buy gear at the dwarf town

  • We tell the head priest about the battle plans we found, and the forge

  • Scirguard is the frost giant training grounds

  • Strom Tyrant, fortress is built upon a cloud and flies

  • There is also a recruiter giant

  • Headed to the frost giants

  • Garrik and wizard died in ambush attack

  • Garrik raised, Met Norgrim who told him to light the forge.

  • Hired an Oracle and decided to go back to the forge and light the forge.

  • Next game next sunday 2 PM
Dragon? What dragon?

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  • Shaman says "The Painted Room will show us the way"

  • Back in the painted room after dropping off the guys we found (near the horses) We notice that the trees are surrounding the horses.

  • Tripod fits on the floor of the Painting room

  • We capture and defeat the rest of the paintings

  • Clean the floor until we can see where the lines point.

  • The tripod seems some way to point the direction.

  • Turned back to cloud form

  • Saw some trolls and ignored them.

  • Continued to another valley

  • Searched for the clay

  • Found temple of Fendara and pulled open the doors

  • Candi found 3 statues and workcabinet

  • Statues contained ooze monsters. Defeated then collected the normal clay and found some clay still warm (Black fire clay)

  • Move to the next area

  • Found the giant horn

  • Found a Dragon Foe amulet

  • Defeated a Drake

  • Went back to the lake with submerged city to find the incantation. Candi used invisibility to go down and search for items.

  • NExt sunday at 2PM
You want the dragon to breathe where?

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  • Garrik and Candi still in town procuring items and hiring the wizard.

  • Fury on morning of day 2 notices the appearance of a strange fruit bush

  • Met Fury and he shows us the fruit he found

  • Learned more about Minderhal, Creation God of the giants, holder of traditions, God of the forge,

  • We leave him with the goggles of night and return to town.

  • Fury makes a friend with a treant and learns more about the valley and giant

  • The treant's name is Deeproot and can be spoken to through any plant

  • Equipped and with the wizard Carus Tilain-Conjurer in tow we leave for the temple.

  • We leave the mounts in the woods near our destination after talking with Deeproot

  • We change into cloud form and get to the temple without incident.

  • We explore the top levels of the temple/ tower it is mostly wrecked

  • Seems the topmost level is the dragon's lair

  • We find the dragon horde, change back into regular form and take the treasure

  • Lower parts of the tower are rebuilt/whole

  • Level 1 below the dragon lair contains cages and dead humanoid remains

  • Find two that are still alive. One is named Prospector Joe from Shinnerman's Fortune

  • The person describes a two headed vulture a Rhuk that fed on them

  • The two survivors come with us down to level 2

  • Seems to be a private room. Find coffers containing more treasure

  • After that move down to level 3

  • Room contains large L shaped table. Several creatures inside.

  • 5 Vulture creatures 1 giant tending them.

  • Defeated the 5 vultured, cyclopse and a etin from the floor below

  • Level 4 – Ground

  • Another giant enters the room below but Candi's bluf fails and it calls others

  • The giants have a disease and the barracks (same level as etin) is diseased. Garrik immune to disease goes in and removes all the magic items.

  • Find a iron spike that creates an illusion that you can hide under.

  • On ground level.

  • Find doors storage room with equipment

  • AS we're searching another set of doors open and a female Slag giant comes in.

  • We attempt to diplomacy her and eventually convince her to lead us to Etena (possible another forge maiden)

  • Garrik (bindfolded) and Carus are invisible while Candi stealths and Fury is enlarged.

  • She leads us past many guards and into a secret door and a passage downwards to beneath the forge.

  • As soon as we meet the Etena she jumps up and says she feels the hammer

  • We tells us that the wielder of the hammer determines what happens to the forge.

  • She says Aduromi the priestess of crystals know the secret of the geodes

  • She continues to tell us the steps to relight the forge,

    • Coat forge with special clay

    • Find the geodes and bring them to the forge

    • Bring the dragon to the forge and  have the dragon breath down into the forge

    • Rites have to be done.

  • Next game 2 PM 1/29/17
HOW many giants?!?

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  • After a few rounds of combat we leave the room and continue onward.

  • Come across a creature holding a bat on a leash

  • Attempted to speak with the creature and it attacked.

  • Picked up the leash and investigated the stone.

  • Stone needs to be stood on side and has the number 10 in giant engraved upon i .

  • Find room with Giant and two lizards. Garrik failed will save and attacked.

  • We at last find the end of the tunnels after many hours of walking.

  • We emerge on a cliff overlooking a plateau of dozens of giant sized tents

  • In the distance we see the symbol of Menderhall engraved on the side of a mountain 5 miles away.

  • We decide to go back through the caves stopping for a night in one of the side caves.

  • We continue to explore the valleys

  • Consulting rough map we've created we determine the large gate was the other end of the valley we just left.

  • We come across a small village and hear the name Urathash

  • Killed the giant and one ogre. The third surrendered.

  • Urathash is high priest of the temple

  • Dragon is a red dragon, lives on top of temple

  • Did not know size of army and when they were going to attack.

  • Build up has been going on for two seasons. r

  • We let the ogre go he will not return to his tribe and leave the area

  • We come across a lake

  • Bypass the lake and come to the end of the valley

  • That evening a ghost attacked and injured Garrik. We decide to find another camp site until he is healed.

  • With Candi cursed and the valley explored we need to return to civilization to get the curse removed.

  • The closest large city is 100 miles away the Dwarven city Janderhoff

  • However, while camping a large group of giants camped near the exit to the valley.

  • A smaller group detach and come towards us. We defeated them but they sounded a horn.

  • We hid from the larger group and let them pass then headed out the valley.

  • When we neared the city an elemental came to life and chased Fury. Fury decided to stay one hour away while we candi and garrik continued to the city.

  • Level up
Into the Deep

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  • Fury decides not to attack the group of giants and attacks the one by the gate.

  • Garrack kills one of the gate guards

  • Candi critically bluffs the group of giants with ventriloquism and ball of fire

  • We escape

  • Went to a different trail and found an abandoned area

  • Candi spotted a large undead giant figure and we left.

  • Large group of giants are following up

  • We move into another valley and find a large nest

  • Leave nest and go into another valley

  • Find an abandoned mine and killed a couple of giants and found a magic axe

  • Came back out and found half the giants are dead by the nest monster

  • Continuing into a new major valley

  • Found some strange, flying wolf-deer creatures eating a body.

  • Garrik spoke to them but they flew off and saw Fury and tried to scare him away from their meal.

  • Cani and Garrik get the magic item and we all leave. Go back to main entrance

  • We were camping when something attacked. Looked like a gnome with a scythe and red cap

  • After we captured one and made him lead us towards their camp but the distance was too far away. We let him go and warned him to leave us be.

  • Ran across three giants and slew them.

  • Found a cave and a chimera attacked. Garrik knocked it out.

  • Continued searching and found another cave complex.

  • Encountered 2 giants. Bluff that we were travlers.

  • But the second giant did not return and we moved deeper into the cave. The cave continues for half a mile or more.

  • Encounter two pit traps and as we go around two rock trolls, metal resistant monster and another giant attack.

  • Candi obtains a loadstone cursed item.

  • Moving deeper into the cave we find a fork

  • We find murals and creatures in the mural are moving

  • Shadow Animals from the murals  jump and attack us
Certain Death

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December 17, 2016

  • In Menderhall's Valley

  • Hear a dragon's roar. Sounds much larger than the one we fought.

  • We spot a campfires and Candi snuck forward to see. Spotted a female giant Possible Grillthlecrack

  • As she got closer the giants became aware of her and attacked.

  • After we clean up and continue onward two Xorns attack

  • Came across a cathedral sized for giants.

  • Attacked by plant monsters. Magic behind the wall where the plant monsters were

  • Found a magic sack but Candi could not identify it

  • Found 5 normal geodes 1000 lbs each, then 3 smaller 750 lb geodes (magic)

  • The large magic geode was a trap.

  • Found a fort with many giants inside

  • Attacked at night by tigers, this attracted the giants and we fled. Garrick leading the others on horseback through the darkness.

  • Garrik spots tracks of dozens of giants but few tracks up a small valley as if they are afraid. We move up this valley.

  • See a bridge and there are statues that are moving on the bridge.

  • Garrik speaks with the giants who do not want to attack the hill giants.

  • We double back and Candi sneaks up to the gate however the remaining tiger pounces and pins her.

  • Garrik and Fury move closer while making noise and hoping to attract the attention of the giants or cat.

  • Phil's familiar attacks the cat and distracts it long enough for her to cast invisibility and dash between the bars of the giant gate.

  • She then distracts the guards with ventriloquism as we ride up to the gate

  • She fails to get the to open the gate

  • Tries to get the giants to attack each other

  • We climb over the gate. Candi successfully gets the giant and ettin to fight.

  • In the distance are a dozen.

  • Garrick loses will save and attacks.

  • Jan 7 th next game.  
From Tomb to Valley

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December, 10 2016

  • Ingrahil thinks this dwarf is the original betrayer of Iron Hand and must be 700+ years old.

  • After defeating him we take the glove and spear from him as well as some armor and gear.

  • The dwarven gauntlet seems to have undue influence upon us and driving us to want it.

  • The gauntlet has various abilities and compels the wearer to attack giants.

  • Went down south along the mountain

  • Ran across a settlement and came across a troll and found a female human baby

  • Shinnerman's Fortune is a village farther down the trail. We see the remnants of a giant raid and the village may be in trouble.

  • A giant one eyed creature attacks us( large cyclopse with eye beam)

  • Garrik sees a camp fire in the distance and Candi goes to investigate

  • Candi overhears the ogres talk about Gristlecrack (their leader wanting the humans)

  • The prisoners tell us about the rest of the group of giants that continued forward.

  • At night three Leucrotta attack

  • Continuing the next day come across a cavebear and an etin

  • Dragon attacks and we run it off.

  • Level 8
Seeking Nargrim's Tomb

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December, 2 2016


  • Garrick will need Nargrim's tools to defeat the giants.

  • Nagrim had a magical hand that was a replacement made by a powerful wizard.

  • One of his dwarf companions betrayed and killed him though he painted himself as a hero.

  • Etin and a pack of dogs attacked local caravan

  • ½ day ride

  • Find the remains of the caravan

  • Find an abandoned ranger tower in the forest after following the trail

  • From the top of the tower, which is actually an old siege tower, Fury sees ruins a short distance away.

  • Onward to Stag's Pike following the Geode

  • Come across two giants and bears fighting

  • After killing one giant and the bears run off. We question the second giant. There is an army of giants gathering it the hidden valley.

  • The direction he points to matches the map we found earlier.

  • Making our way towards the tomb and Candi misses detecting the trap and sets it off.

  • Killed a number of ettercaps and spellcaster

  • Descended spiral stairs into the tomb

  • Find two webbed bodies that we pull back up and burn.

  • REst here till mine sons touch upon thy blessings

  • Mine sons, three symbols on the obelisk

  • Must intone the names when touching the three symbols,

  • Inside we find glass door inset into the floor that has a room underneath, the tomb is open and a corpse is next to the coffin. There is a large cage that appears like something broke out

  • Two room flank the main room

  • In one side we enter and find a room of 4 dwarf statues and images on the walls

  • Find a secret door that contains a stairwell down

  • Find a destroyed helmet and armor. The hand and spear are missing.

  • A dwarf we did not see stole the items and locked us in the tomb


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