Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

For the Queen wears jeweled crown upon a troubled brow.

Going past the giants on top to go down the tunnel further. 
There's a giant guarding the gate with an ornate mace
There is also a cleric that Fury kills
The other giants on the tiers attacks
Come across some salamamders and forge giants. 
Thun convinces the salamanders to run off while we kill the slag giants
Cat continues to explore and finds a room one very large one
Cat continues and finds the throne room filled with creatures.
We destroy the large creature
Went into the next room with several large skeletons
Next room several fire giant clerics and one flying one. Killed two and the Queen was amongst the ones to survive and surrender. She swore non agression towards us and ours and removed the bindings from Thun. 
Level 14

Fly Pegasus Air
How to avoid Giants

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Cat is reconing ahead and finds a room with several orc slaves
Another room contains fire giants loading orc bodies into crates. With them are hellhounds
Defeated the giants and hellhounds
Continue to explore
Overheard some giants searching for us. Continuing to explore the complex
Found a room with a giant hog and 5 ogres
Back in the main chamber the troupe catch up with us as Garrik dimdoors behind the portcullis and kills the giant guard.
Garrik opens the gate while Fury and Candi fight the troupe, kill their leader and force them to retreat. 
Garrik closes the gate once the team is through. 
Frost Giants appear alerted by the giant guarding the portcullis. 
Tanser heals Candi and Candi moves to explore deeper into the castle. 
Garrik and Fury hold off the frost giants trying to descend the stairs. 
Garrik spots the support beams that can collapse the cavern sealing off the back of the stairs and the original portcullis. Tanser turns Garrik invisible so he can dim door to collapse the cavern. 
Continue upwards and find a kennel where the hell hounds were kept. Also a large grated pit several hundred feet deep. 
Found an intelligent Orc and freed him. We ask him for information on the fort. He will accompany us. 
He shows us some papers he stole from the giants. 
We come to a defensive position and choose to avoid them by flying over invisible and silent. Thoon, the orc is in the bag. 
We fly by many encounters and eventually pass a huge rhino construct furnace and come to a chamber with huge steel door and a guard outside. 
Level 13

Hot Blooded Check it and See

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  • The wolf shows up and we ask to free the slaves.

  • A frost giantess is elected leader and grants us the slaves as booty.

  • We know that the Skicarkla was a Grave Knight

  • but we UrgathoaThey want to destroy the temple of offer examine it first.

  • Found a few bits of treasure and letters written in Infernal

  • We think the orb is at Ash Peak ( an extinct volcano in the south)

  • We head back to towards town and part ways with the humans.

  • Fury went to the forge of Minderhall to add undead bane to Candi's dagger and destroy the Grave Knight armor



  • Garrik and Candi stay with the people we will be bringing the humans to Corvosa

  • We stay in the Dwarf city for a couple of months increasing our strength and purchasing items.

  • Survivor, Fury's horse transforms into a pegasus.



  • Garrik can now speak with animals

  • Candi's cat can now go into spirit form

  • Four months have passed. Into Book 5

  • We take the horse and fly to Ash Peak

  • We come to a gate at the base of the volcano, inside are three Fire giants.



  • Garrik dimdoors farther back

  • We kill 3 fire giants
You talkin' to me Lich?

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  • After we woke up we broke camp explored the rest of the complex

  • A loud noise sound like the way we came in was collapsed

  • Found a chest in the throne room but it was empty but has residual magi inside

  • Possibly where the phylactery was

  • A huge winterwolf teleported in and asks to speak with the enemy of Skircarkla

  • We finish talking with the wolf

  • The area is sealed except for the ice wall near where we rested.

  • We break through and come upon a frost Drake We speak the phrase Thamires Blessing upon Renfirg

  • Left the caves and went to the long house where the wolf said Skicarkla was

  • Defeat Skicarkla and her minions.

  • Level 12

So then the Mammoth Said...

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  • We continue to explore the tomb, going to the doors we passed

  • Candi narrowly eludes a trapped door

  • There are monsters beyond the door and a hallway afterwards we decide to enter

  • Inside is a huge construct of dead parts. Fury charges creature

  • Back in the hallway the centaur creature throws its head and dismounts Fury

  • We go to the black door where the creature's soul is trapped.

  • Creature appears and dragon fires it. Fury finishes it after charge.

  • The ghost of a frost giant comes and Garrik helped him remember his name Chief Skysunder

  • We move into the catacombs

  • We see a morgh and ignore it but it follows until Fury runs it over twice

  • Came across several large undead and a big bad yelling Get them my minions

  • Defeated them and went back towards the last set of double doors near the front entrance

  • Mammoth riding Giant appeared Fury destroyed them

  • Level 11
Candi needs a Cane

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  • Continuing to explore the tomb. .

  • Came across an undead

  • Found magic book and armor

  • 5 Zombie lords, one recognized the axe.

  • After getting attacked by giant worm and Candi diseased we left

  • The dragon brings us back up to the top to the tunnel entrance.

  • Candi encounters a frost ghost but avoids

  • Encounter two cyclops casters

Along came a talking dwarf head....

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  • We go back to the city and shop and upgrade items

  • Day 1: We head to the mountains encounter several fairy type creatures

  • Continue to climb towards the frost giants

  • Day 2:Encountered undead giant

  • Day 3: Avalanche killed Oracles's horse and after digging out the horses we're attacked

  • By ice toads, Fury in fancy slippers prances about and slays them

  • Encounter illusion of obscuring mist

  • Encounter a voice on the wind that asks where we are going and says she is against the giants as well.

  • She reveals as a red dragon named Naximarra who is seeking allies against Volstus because has an Orb of Dragonkind

  • Naximarra tells us about the defences, patrols and other defenses they have.

  • With the assistance of the dragon we make a list of places to sabotage in order to demoralize the giants and get many to leave

  • Once weakened we can attack the camp's leader. (A possible undead)

  • We begin by going to the ancestral tombs using wind walk and rob it

  • The tomb contains the name of the giantess leader engraved on there and a date from several hundred years ago

  • As we open the doors to the tomb the large construct wicker man turns and moves.

  • We run  inside and close the doors

  • Attacked by eight legged centaur undead

  • Met a talking skull Acargrim (a dwarf giantslayer) he charges us to find his axe and avenge his death
The False Prophet of Minderhall Falls

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  • We blow the horn to summon the dragon

  • After a large battle Urthash is slain by Fury and the forge is lit.

  • Level 10
The Death of a Hero
But he got better

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  • Candi went down in the water and recovered the Shield we need.

  • We windwalk back to the horses and go back to town

  • Plan is to sell and buy gear at the dwarf town

  • We tell the head priest about the battle plans we found, and the forge

  • Scirguard is the frost giant training grounds

  • Strom Tyrant, fortress is built upon a cloud and flies

  • There is also a recruiter giant

  • Headed to the frost giants

  • Garrik and wizard died in ambush attack

  • Garrik raised, Met Norgrim who told him to light the forge.

  • Hired an Oracle and decided to go back to the forge and light the forge.

  • Next game next sunday 2 PM
Dragon? What dragon?

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  • Shaman says "The Painted Room will show us the way"

  • Back in the painted room after dropping off the guys we found (near the horses) We notice that the trees are surrounding the horses.

  • Tripod fits on the floor of the Painting room

  • We capture and defeat the rest of the paintings

  • Clean the floor until we can see where the lines point.

  • The tripod seems some way to point the direction.

  • Turned back to cloud form

  • Saw some trolls and ignored them.

  • Continued to another valley

  • Searched for the clay

  • Found temple of Fendara and pulled open the doors

  • Candi found 3 statues and workcabinet

  • Statues contained ooze monsters. Defeated then collected the normal clay and found some clay still warm (Black fire clay)

  • Move to the next area

  • Found the giant horn

  • Found a Dragon Foe amulet

  • Defeated a Drake

  • Went back to the lake with submerged city to find the incantation. Candi used invisibility to go down and search for items.

  • NExt sunday at 2PM

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