Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

HOW many giants?!?

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  • After a few rounds of combat we leave the room and continue onward.

  • Come across a creature holding a bat on a leash

  • Attempted to speak with the creature and it attacked.

  • Picked up the leash and investigated the stone.

  • Stone needs to be stood on side and has the number 10 in giant engraved upon i .

  • Find room with Giant and two lizards. Garrik failed will save and attacked.

  • We at last find the end of the tunnels after many hours of walking.

  • We emerge on a cliff overlooking a plateau of dozens of giant sized tents

  • In the distance we see the symbol of Menderhall engraved on the side of a mountain 5 miles away.

  • We decide to go back through the caves stopping for a night in one of the side caves.

  • We continue to explore the valleys

  • Consulting rough map we've created we determine the large gate was the other end of the valley we just left.

  • We come across a small village and hear the name Urathash

  • Killed the giant and one ogre. The third surrendered.

  • Urathash is high priest of the temple

  • Dragon is a red dragon, lives on top of temple

  • Did not know size of army and when they were going to attack.

  • Build up has been going on for two seasons. r

  • We let the ogre go he will not return to his tribe and leave the area

  • We come across a lake

  • Bypass the lake and come to the end of the valley

  • That evening a ghost attacked and injured Garrik. We decide to find another camp site until he is healed.

  • With Candi cursed and the valley explored we need to return to civilization to get the curse removed.

  • The closest large city is 100 miles away the Dwarven city Janderhoff

  • However, while camping a large group of giants camped near the exit to the valley.

  • A smaller group detach and come towards us. We defeated them but they sounded a horn.

  • We hid from the larger group and let them pass then headed out the valley.

  • When we neared the city an elemental came to life and chased Fury. Fury decided to stay one hour away while we candi and garrik continued to the city.

  • Level up



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