Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Trunau Under Siege

session 3

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Sunday, 9/11/16

  • On Daktani, potion, leather armor, 4 daggers, morning star, short sword, ornate belt, thieves tools, gem, 30 gp, small pouch with empty vial, 2 clay pellets.

  • Garrik now with magical attacks go to fight the ethereal rats.

  • Go back to town and bring the troll.

  • Townsfolk preparing for Roderick's funeral

  • Candi notices the humans are looking at the half-orcs oddly.

  • Garrik notices a group of humans looking like they're about to start something with the orcs

  • Fury and Garrik move closer to the group while the funeral pyre is lit for Roderick

  • Battle horns sound and the town is attacked

  • Curst shows up he orders us to light the beacons

  • Fury to light two beacons, while Candi and Garrik go to light the remaining one.

  • Fury gets attacked by the goons from earlier when he tries to light the fire.

  • The beacon is destroyed when Candi and Garrik get there. We are retasked to find wounded in the unprotected part of the town outside the gate.

  • A MASH unit is setup by the gate.

  • 4 Orcs attack Candi and Garrik

  • We find Fury's mother trapped in the building under a beam

  • Now together again running around town saving people and fighting orcs

  • We find Urnsel and Garrik knocks her out and captures a second orc



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