Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

From Tomb to Valley

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December, 10 2016

  • Ingrahil thinks this dwarf is the original betrayer of Iron Hand and must be 700+ years old.

  • After defeating him we take the glove and spear from him as well as some armor and gear.

  • The dwarven gauntlet seems to have undue influence upon us and driving us to want it.

  • The gauntlet has various abilities and compels the wearer to attack giants.

  • Went down south along the mountain

  • Ran across a settlement and came across a troll and found a female human baby

  • Shinnerman's Fortune is a village farther down the trail. We see the remnants of a giant raid and the village may be in trouble.

  • A giant one eyed creature attacks us( large cyclopse with eye beam)

  • Garrik sees a camp fire in the distance and Candi goes to investigate

  • Candi overhears the ogres talk about Gristlecrack (their leader wanting the humans)

  • The prisoners tell us about the rest of the group of giants that continued forward.

  • At night three Leucrotta attack

  • Continuing the next day come across a cavebear and an etin

  • Dragon attacks and we run it off.

  • Level 8



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