Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Seeking Nargrim's Tomb

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December, 2 2016


  • Garrick will need Nargrim's tools to defeat the giants.

  • Nagrim had a magical hand that was a replacement made by a powerful wizard.

  • One of his dwarf companions betrayed and killed him though he painted himself as a hero.

  • Etin and a pack of dogs attacked local caravan

  • ½ day ride

  • Find the remains of the caravan

  • Find an abandoned ranger tower in the forest after following the trail

  • From the top of the tower, which is actually an old siege tower, Fury sees ruins a short distance away.

  • Onward to Stag's Pike following the Geode

  • Come across two giants and bears fighting

  • After killing one giant and the bears run off. We question the second giant. There is an army of giants gathering it the hidden valley.

  • The direction he points to matches the map we found earlier.

  • Making our way towards the tomb and Candi misses detecting the trap and sets it off.

  • Killed a number of ettercaps and spellcaster

  • Descended spiral stairs into the tomb

  • Find two webbed bodies that we pull back up and burn.

  • REst here till mine sons touch upon thy blessings

  • Mine sons, three symbols on the obelisk

  • Must intone the names when touching the three symbols,

  • Inside we find glass door inset into the floor that has a room underneath, the tomb is open and a corpse is next to the coffin. There is a large cage that appears like something broke out

  • Two room flank the main room

  • In one side we enter and find a room of 4 dwarf statues and images on the walls

  • Find a secret door that contains a stairwell down

  • Find a destroyed helmet and armor. The hand and spear are missing.

  • A dwarf we did not see stole the items and locked us in the tomb



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