Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Engineering, we have a problem.

Shadow walked back to the caldera of the volcano under the cloud city. 
We're attacked by ranged weapons flying to the castle
We make onto a platform and kill several giants and bears then enter the castle
Cat is scouting ahead. We are searching for the explosive tied to the deadman switch held by Volstus. 
We find the engine room and a force cage room with nothing in it
Garrik uses dimdoor and puts Candi and Oracle is going into the bag of holding. 
Found a large broach
Inside is a crate, torture rack, torture instruments and the sound of harp music but no creatures
Inside is an invisible ghost of a cloud giant. We destroy the force cage and release the ghost. 
He is Renfal High Cleric Ghozrh
Volstus's crown is the key to the guardian constructs keeping watch in the engine room.
Renfal is the engineer that helped build this place, he says he can find the device easily since it will not be normal. 
Candi is going to investigate the platform and search for the magic that allowed the giants to hit us through the clouds. 
She finds the Scope of Storm Sight
Learned the broach is called a Cloud Engineers badge protects them from cold and altitude
+2 know engineering, life bubble CL10 , reduce person CL10
In the engineering tunnels and encounter spiders and a dark skinned giantess. 



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