Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

How about a hammer to the head?

- As we prepare to leave we hear an alarm
- A morgh and a engineering golem
- Fury destroys the morgh
- We continue our exploration
- We find the wall of force stopping us from going upwards
- When Fury hit it the water elemental and golem come out
- Fury and Garrik kill the golem
- Fury Garrik destroy the elemental 
- Garrik dimdoored beyond the wall while the others hid in the jefferies tube
- Demon girl tried to sneak up on Garrik but he sensed her and he killed her
- The room is surrounded by baskets and the Naga popped up shooting Garrik with prismatic spray. 
- Garrik puts on invisibility and readies spear for the naga. 
- Garrik begins destroying the baskets and the Naga summons a vulture but Garrik ignores it
- Garrik finds and kills the naga and skins it while feeding the vulture the naga. 
- Garrik continues clean up all the items in the room. 
- Garrik returns to the main group. 
- Fury and Thune remain at the castle while Cani and Garrik go back to town and stock up and resurrect Tenser
- Fury and Thune were hiding in the shaft but we could not find the entrance. 
- Thune heard Candi and they came out revealing the illusion that hid the entrance. 
- The castle has stopped over Trunow. 
- Candi uses the scope and the gloves of shortened path to attack Volstus from afar
- Candi and Fury attacked Volstus
- Volstus absorbed the life of a dragon to heal himself
- Candi is feeling the altitude sickness
- Volstus and the dragon return to the castle
- Team reenteres castle 



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