Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Liberation of the Castle and Saving of Trunow

- With the castle falling Garrik with the assistance of Renfall attempts to bring the engines back on line but is failing
- Candi is still stuck in the sphere and attempting to get out
- Renfall finds Candi and brings her to the engine room
-Fury makes his way to the engine room while fighting the influence of the orb
-Fury puts on the crown in an attempt to control the castle
-Candi arrives and succeeds in powering up the castle's engines
- Fury talks the engineer into helping create a manual for flying and maintaining the castle. 
- Fury goes down to the town and catches up
- Candi, Thune and Garrik with the help of the Orcs clean up the castle when something comes to investigate
- An intelligent spell casting creature resembling a dwarf and casting spells comes out and says he's checking things out for his order. 
- Garrik asks it to leave and it does after we check for evil and magic. 
- The creature comes back demanding to see Volstus. 
- Garrik bluffs that he left. 
- Creature wants to see the body but as Thun goes to retrieve the body it follows him. He reutrns and Garrik dimdoors to get the head. 
- The creature asks about the orb and Tanser dispels the illusion. 
- Candi gives the scroll of glitter dust to Thun to cast if he detects the creature again. 
- The creature creates more illusions and Thune glitterdusts the area and uncovers a huge spider creature
- Fury kills the spider in a charge crit
- A second spider is found and destroyed
- We find several holes in the force field
- The castle once above the clouds can move at 500 mph
- There is an old giant named Jorifah that lives in the Shackles that can help us with operating the castle. 
- Fury has a dream of eyes observing him while he is in dragon form. 
If we give the orb to the dragon would it destroy it, yes if we command her to but do not trust her

Three questions asked via oracle, Communue 
Should we destory the orb, No, it needs to remain
Can we shrink the crown, yes use the forge
Will trunow be safe for the week if we leave, yes
11 more questions.



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