Carl's Giantslayer Campaign

Tis' Only a Flesh Wound


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- As Candi goes to unlock the double doors they fling open and a female cloud giant enters shouting for someone

- The female cloud giant is the sorceress

- A demoness showed up and attacked the Oracle

- Darrik and Candi attack the demon

- Giants throw rocks at Candi

- Demon flees

- Oracle is killed by giant

- Thun leads the orcs to attack a cloud giant

- Garrik appears and kills it

- As Garrik leaves something punches him

- Candi attacks 4 cloud giants

- Fury searches the rooms and grabs some treasure

- Garrik enters melee with the cloud giants

- Thun leads Fury back to the main fight

- Candi continues to press attacks

- Team finishes off the three giants one has jumped off the castle into the clouds

- Team is reunited and we discuss strategy and gather magic items.

-We identify the items he found and find a scroll of Word of Recall the plan is to find the engineer and see if the shield that surrounds this place extends to the basement. If it does not we will go to town and true res Tanser then come back here.

- Cat locates the chain demoness and the naga along with the body of Tanser

- The naga disintegrates Tanser's body. We prepare to assault the room

- Level 16



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